A game that engages the whole family! – Now with all new designs and updated questions.
We have combined the classic Ludo that you know, with a quiz element, resulting in our game: “Ludo Quiz”. Are you able to answer the questions and get an extra turn? In Ludo Quiz, you have to be able to answer questions, in order for you to reach the end with your two pieces. We have combined luck with knowledge and competition, which creates a lot of entertainment for the whole family. We have made two boards in one, so if you are up to six players, you can play on the large board, and if you are four or fewer players, you can play on the smaller board.

Ludo Quiz is available in many editions, which targets both all of the family, but also the adult audience. In short, we have the edition that caters to every challenge you seek.

LUDO QUIZ - Family

 A game for the whole family –  just as the name suggests.
The cards have been split into adult and children questions, which makes the game fun and engaging for everyone involved.
Ludo Quiz – Family won the award of being the best board game of the year in 2014, and have since then been getting a makeover in 2020. Both the questions and the visuals of the game have been updated, resulting in the possibility for children from the age of ten can play and be engaged at the same time.

In short, a great update to a great game.

LUDO QUIZ - Denmark

LUDO QUIZ – Denmark is the same concept as Ludo Quiz – Family, with questions split into adult and children questions. This game contains more than 1200 questions, all revolved around Denmark.
How well do you know and remember Denmark? Are you able to answer enough questions, to move your bricks into Goal?

Good entertainment for the whole family and members of all ages!