The Year 2023

Do you remember the year 2023?
With this quiz-game, your trivia knowledge will be put to test, and the same goes for your friends and family. The latest edition of this game will arrive in the stores in November this year. 
Gather your friends and family to a fun quiz game, where you get to see how much each other remembers from the past year.
This is a new experience of quiz-games. In this game, you have to possess a good amount of tactics, knowledge, and luck, in order to win. The game itself is easy to understand, and if you answer a question correctly then you get the chance to answer the next question. Be aware that in order for you to answer the next question, not only do you have to answer correctly, you also need some luck of the dice. If you are unlucky, you may miss your points and even the next turn.

Will you be playing it safe, or do you dare to take a chance with the dice?
The game comes packed with questions for both children and adults, making it an engaging and fun game for the whole family.