Instagrammable   #InstagrammablePuzzle

This series of puzzles have been given a special filter-surface. This means that shine is reduced, and the puzzle have a nice mat finish.
By adding this filter, the puzzle becomes very suitable for photo and upload on social media. This is why we called this puzzle series Instagrammable.

The round shape challenges the players sense of the shapes of the bricks and the ability to view the puzzle from all sides.
Challenge your senses with these magical round puzzles.

Why do puzzles?
Most people make puzzles as a way to escape everyday life, relax and as entertainment. Some share their experiences on social media such ad Facebook and Instagram. This is the inspiration for this puzzle series.

The motives are inspiring and create an experience worthy of sharing. Because of this all motives are designed as collages. This way you have a good excuse to dream about vacation, spa-treatments and sunny beaches while “puzzling”.